Sensory Garden - Construction gets Underway!

The creation of this area is intended to enhance the experience of all the walled garden visitors. It will improve the facilities for the outreach programme and give an accessible and inspiring external gathering, meeting and educational space. The area is a place to admire the entire garden from, to gather a class or to seat visitors or volunteers. It will flow from the Education Centre and connect with the greenhouse to its side. It is also envisaged to be a place of rest or reflection for the outreach clients, for all who come to visit and learn from the garden’s delights and for those staying in St Katharine’s itself.


 Weeks 13 & beyond (August) of the Sensory Garden.  Planting out finished, pointing of paving done, furniture added and planting up the Raised bed begins

Pics taken in Aug  ...

 Weeks 9-12 (July) of the Sensory Garden.  Planting out!

Pics taken in July  ...

 Week 6, 7 & 8 of the project build.......Paths laid, raised beds filled and grass laid.

Pics taken in June  ...(special thanks to Stewart for some of  the pics)

Weeks 3, 4 & 5....Coming on nicely

Pics taken in May  ...(special thanks to Stewart for some of the pics)

Its taking shape..

Pics taken April 20th - April 28 2021  Infrastructure and Raised beds taking shape

Bulding work begins

Pics taken April 4th - April 21 2021

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