Spending time in the open air, tending plants, digging beds, having a quiet time are all of benefit to one's health and sanity in this busy world.

Drawing, sketching or just reading a book in a quiet space helps reinvigorate tired and/or stressed people.

Come and enjoy our special place with us


The Walled Garden is behind and to the right of the main house. Park at the front, go clockwise around the house to the rear, go along the outer garden wall and round the corner to the main  entrance. COME IN AND LOOK FOR US, PLEASE.

Are you a group who would like to come and take part in our project?

Are you an individual gardener who would like to come and mix with like minded persons and enjoy creating a special place?




Are you a person who would like a quiet day in our garden, surrounded by bricks walls which give protection from the rest of the world?


We welcome one and all to come and join us.

We can provide work for a group or an individual.

We can provide facilities for sketchers, painters, other visitors.

We may be able to provide refreshment through the Charity who operate the adjoining retreat house.

We have tools, plants, seed and knowledge. All you need is your time and interest.


Please contact  AnneParmoor@aol.com , tell us about yourself and we will see how we can best help you. 

We look forward to welcoming you.