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Walled Garden Activities  January & February
A mild start to 2020 (compared to 2019) meant we’ve been able to achieve a lot of tasks.
Cleared away soggy, collapsed stems of perennials and composted them.  
Moved dormant plants that are in the wrong place to more suitable position.
Checked for rot on stored bulbs and tubers, and ensure Dahlia and Canna tubers haven't completely dried out
Finished off our Winter pruning of apple and pear trees and removed any dead, damaged, congested and diseased branches 
Pruned gooseberries and redcurrants, cutting side shoots back to three buds from their base. 
Planted replacement Gooseberry bushes. 
The ground isn't frozen - so we have removed some of the Landscape fabric to prepare for feeding the soil organic matter. 
Sprinkled slow-release fertiliser around the base of roses and other flowering shrubs 
Chit first-early potato tubers - storing them in trays in a light, frost-free place. 
One job to do is feed our fruit bushes by sprinkling potash fertiliser around the base.
Checked overwintering plants for good health
Sown sweet peas in deep pots and keeping them frost free in sunny spots
Removed faded / yellowing leaves from overwintering plants - prevents diseases 
Washed greenhouse glazing inside and out to let in as much light as possible
Checked Fig and Gooseberry Cuttings - making sure they’re not dried out. 
Checked Rose supports for any damage
Pruned and tidied lavender 
Removed any dead Euphorbia plants
Pruned the Wisteria to make it more manageable - encourage fresh growth.
Washed the main Shed and checked for any deterioration.
Checked guttering on greenhouse - removed any blockages.
Our Open Day in 2020 is Saturday 18 July.  

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